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5 Ways you can Celebrate Earth Day

Each year we get to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. There are many of us who acknowledge it, but don’t necessarily know how to properly celebrate it. What’s most important is that we all make environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to taking care of our planet, not just for one day, but all the time. Below you ... More

Why is Landscaping So Expensive in the Inland Empire?

If you are considering landscaping your home or commercial property, you may be asking yourself, why is landscaping so expensive? Landscaping can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on what you want to achieve. This can seem like a lot, especially when you don't understand how prices are determined. Here are the top ... More

Four Ways to Celebrate Women in the Inland Empire

Women’s History Month is a celebration of women both past and present. We're sure you know plenty of women who deserve recognition, not just in March, but everyday. Instead of putting a timeframe on it, let March be the month of planning. Here are a few recommendations for celebrating women beyond the month of March: ... More

Six Questions Every Property Manager Should Ask Their Commercial Landscape Contractor

When choosing a commercial landscape contractor, a Property Manager should have a lot of questions. Pretend you are an investigative reporter and dive in. The right commercial landscape contractor will be a liaison for you and the property you manage. Their eyes are on it even when yours cannot be. How Long Have They Been in ... More

How to Buy and Plant a Living Christmas Tree

How about a living Christmas tree that you can plant in your yard to enjoy after the holidays! Just follow this guide to success. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 1) Pick Your Tree Shop early. Get the best selection by heading to the nursery early in the Holiday Season. Most nurseries will tag your specimen and hold it for you ... More

6 Things to Know before Hiring a Tree Trimmer

Property owners or managers who rush to accept the service of a tree expert are frequently taken advantage of by fly-by-night amateurs who commonly consist of a pickup truck and chainsaw. The result of this is poor quality work, and greater long term costs. The best option is to choose a licensed, bonded and insured professio... More

9 Incredible Benefits from Mulching your Landscape

Mulch is a protective layer of material that is spread 2-3 inches deep, on top of exposed soil, between your shrubs and trees. Walk out into nature, in the middle of a lush forest, and look down. In a healthy ecosystem you will find very little, if any, bare ground. Nature will always try to cover soil with either plant growth, ... More

OctoGreen Landscaping – The Napkin

By Matt Stowe OctoGreen’s story is like most. A passing comment turns into scribbles on a napkin. That napkin gets carried around for a week then lies on a desk for a month. Finally that napkin is a coaster for coffee. The ink is bleeding into itself. Barely legible the words invent a picture of desire and ambition. ... More