9 Incredible Benefits from Mulching your Landscape

Mulch is a protective layer of material that is spread 2-3 inches deep, on top of exposed soil, between your shrubs and trees. Walk out into nature, in the middle of a lush forest, and look down. In a healthy ecosystem you will find very little, if any, bare ground. Nature will always try to cover soil with either plant growth, decaying or even inorganic matter. Trees drop their leaves and cover the floor of a forest for example. Mulch will imitate the same natural process in your own landscape.

The following are the incredible benefits from applying mulch:


  • Reduces the time spent irrigating which saves dollars compared to the low cost of installation. Moisture is retained in the soil for longer as it prevents evaporation (up to 70%) by shielding the soil from the sun while reducing run-off.
  • Prevents erosion and soil compaction.
  • Improves the visual appearance of the landscape and provides a “finished” look.
  • Biome for plant friendly insects.
  • Helps to protect plants from frost damage by acting as a protective “blanket”.
  • Improves soil drainage and structure as it decomposes.
  • Regulates soil temperature through insulation to keep roots cooler in the summer.
  • Provides a natural barrier to stop weeds that fight for the soil’s nutrients.
  • Retains the soil’s vitamins and add’s slow release nutrients that saves on fertilizers.


You cannot afford “not” to apply mulch, with its multi level benefits, from a licensed contractor. “Why should I hire a licensed contractor to apply mulch?”, you may ask. If mulch is applied incorrectly, it can actually be counterproductive to the the health of your plants and trees.  All too often the “mulch volcano” is the reason why plants and especially trees smother, attract diseases and pests, and subsequently die.  When dealing with a large or small landscaping job you want to be sure you can trust who is completing the work.  You need OctoGreen Landscaping, with our licensing, bonding and years of experience,  to provide you with the confidence and trust you deserve, to complete the all important mulching of your landscaping.

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