OctoGreen Landscaping – The Napkin

By Matt Stowe

OctoGreen’s story is like most. A passing comment turns into scribbles on a napkin. That napkin gets carried around for a week then lies on a desk for a month. Finally that napkin is a coaster for coffee. The ink is bleeding into itself. Barely legible the words invent a picture of desire and ambition. OctoGreen is born!

OctoGreen is an invention of intention and planning. I have been leading our sister company OctoClean for over five years. I couldn’t help but recognize that there was a need to be a resource to our customers well beyond cleaning.

As I searched for strategic alliances in commercial landscaping, it was frustrating to discover that no one could meet our stringent requirements of partnership. As our customers continued to suffer through poor landscaping services I started my search. I needed the best of the best!

As fate would have it, a longtime of the family, and former owner/contractor of a premier landscaping service in Riverside California, came to me with a proposal to partner. The conversations led to planning and designing the company that would transform the industry. With everything on paper, we gained a commitment from one of our most loyal customers to trial our services with them. What an amazing success that has been. Thank you Magnon Companies. In the last year we have been awarded additional accounts, rented our first office, purchased three trucks, trailers and all of the equipment you could possibly need to be the best.

Stay tuned for information on landscape design and quick tips.

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