Six Questions Every Property Manager Should Ask Their Commercial Landscape Contractor

When choosing a commercial landscape contractor, a Property Manager should have a lot of questions. Pretend you are an investigative reporter and dive in. The right commercial landscape contractor will be a liaison for you and the property you manage. Their eyes are on it even when yours cannot be.

How Long Have They Been in the Industry?

Experience matters. You want someone that has worked with other businesses of your size and scope and handled all the issues that come with fully maintaining a commercial property. You do not want to be the business they practice on. At least five years or more is needed in the industry to become skilled in the specific needs of a commercial property.

What Kind of Insurance & Licensing Do They Have?

If a company does not have the proper insurance coverage and one of their employees is injured on your property, you will be responsible. Proper licensing and bonding is required by law. The company should have workers compensation, liability insurance and automobile coverage. Their coverage information should be included in your contract, so check to make sure it is there naming your owner and company as “Additionally Insured” on the certificate of insurance. The company should hold a C-27 license and have bonding as required by the State Contractors Board.

How — And How Often — Do They Communicate?

Communication is key. You, the Property Manager, have a full plate, so you need to know your landscape maintenance company will keep you up to date on what services will be performed and when. And when you have a question or concern, you need to know that you will receive a prompt, reliable response. 24/7 response is the optimum with a quick call back or email team effort. Emergency services are important too. Choose a company who assigns a dedicated account manager to you, who will regularly visit your site and work with crews to ensure the best quality service. A landscape maintenance company that goes above and beyond can tell you other problems at the site in order for you as the Property Manager to get in front of any problem and handle it for your customer, the property owner

Can They Provide References?

A reputable landscape maintenance company that does quality work should be eager for you to talk to their other customers. This is your chance to talk to current clients to find out what they really think of your potential commercial landscaper.

Once you have a list of references to contact, ask plenty of questions:

  • Is the commercial landscape contractor reliable?
  • Do they do what they say they will, when they say they will?
  • Are they available to talk when you need them?

Are They a Full Service or Maintenance Only?

Your commercial property has a host of needs, including lawn care and landscape maintenance. But other needs arise, too. You may want property enhancements, like hardscape or water features. When one full-service landscaping company takes care of your property — from spring fertilizing, annual color planting, tree trimming, highly trained irrigation techs and landscaping they get to know your property inside and out. They will know exactly what it needs at what time and they will notice potential problems and deal with them before they get out of control.

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